Windows Phone

Windows Mobile When it comes to building productivity apps, this may be the best platform. While common business apps are enough for many establishments, there are others that require varied levels of customization to satisfy both internal and external requirements. Providing this customization in the most efficient way that gets the job fully done is one of the core strengths of SBSI. It should then be no surprise that our Windows/Microsoft team members have invested considerable resources to become experts in Windows mobile technology. At this time, our Windows mobile capabilities bring value to our clients’ businesses by increasing access to key data in real time while facilitating seamless company-wide communication and information-sharing integration.

Our Windows Mobile Offerings include:

  • Custom Application Development Services
  • Web-Based Application Development Services
  • Porting & Migration
  • Software QA/Testing Services
  • Software Support & Maintenance
  • Microsoft Outlook and other Office Integration across devices
  • Data and insight access expansion