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The Global Learning System

Our Global Learning System (GLS) is a complete, scalable e-Learning solution equally suited to organizations that are new to e-Learning or already experienced with delivering training online. It can accommodate a multitude of learning paths and deliver a curriculum specific to each unique learner. Whether your intention is simply to put manuals online, or to deliver media-rich curricula (video, audio, web conferences, etc.), the GLS has the features to meet all of your current and future e-Learning needs.

The Learning Media System

Flash technology allows an interactive learning experience and Exciting visual presentations with amplifyed material presents learning content in a truly multimedia environment. (video, PowerPoint, screen capture, animation,etc).

  • Dynamic and easy to use courseware management
  • Learner Management:track learning status, activities, completions and certifications
  • Multiple levels of administrative access for courseware developer, coach and system administrator
  • Robust reporting features which allows global and individual snapshots of learners
  • Built-in digital certificate awarding system
  • Cost effective learning solution to achieve organizational training needs with high returns.
  • Easy to use multimedia or simple text-based learning content.
  • Uses advanced flash technology to deliver video and audio content to the learners,which creates powerful and engaging learning experiences.
  • Powerful, but simple to use, quiz tools allow the learners to be tested, so that they achieve the learning objectives at each level.
  • Intuitive learning navigation
  • Uses a powerful MS SQL 2000 database server that allows the maximum number of learners to access the system at the same time

Train-Ease LMS

The Train-Ease Learning Management System (LMS) is a robust software package that enables the management and delivery of web-based and instructor-led training material to learners. The LMS can be installed on internal networks or connected to via the Internet to allow learners to access the learning materials and administration anytime, anyplace and at any pace.

Key Features:

  • Web-Based Course Launching and Tracking
  • Instructor-led Registration
  • Student Training History
  • Email Notifications
  • Custom Reporting
  • User-Friendly Administration
  • Evaluation and Assessment Engine
  • Certificate Management

Train-Ease also offers customization of the LMS so that you may tailor the system to fit your company's needs. SCORM or the Shareable Content Object Reference Model has become the standard in enterprise-level learning management systems. It is based on standards developed by the aviation industry and training professionals. The Train-Ease LMS supports SCORM 1.2 standards based content.