About Us


Research and self investment, we have created work environments and instituted infrastructure ideal for providing technology and business solutions to clients all over the world (with a primary focus on companies in the United States). These efforts have allowed us to strengthen productivity in the endeavor of creating value for our clients. We have a consultant development center that uses a comprehensive approach to impart skills necessary to meet the challenge of changing business processes and regular technological upgrades. This effort is aimed at ensuring that the solutions we provide are innovative, dynamic and sustainable.


Our investments have led to the following company infrastructures:

  • Testing Environment & Quality Assurance
  • Connectivity
  • Physical Security
  • Disaster Recovery

Test Environment

One of SBSI's major strengths is quality assurance (QA). Perhaps the most useful form of our QA is the simulation of environments similar to that of our clients' workspaces and unique IT platforms. To fully accomplish this task, we have created three complete testing environments: development, verification, and production. Within each of these, we test client procedures and machinery pertaining to planning, testing, production, and product release.


Reliable and responsive communications are a key component and benefit of our worldwide network of consultants and partners. To take full advantage of this network, we rely on leading edge connectivity technologies. These include:

  • Redundant high bandwidth Internet connections.
  • Cost-effective, enterprise grade IT infrastructure.
  • IM-based and phone-based help desks staffed in three countries across two hemispheres that is open 24/7.
  • Data Center that is securely accessible to all approved users worldwide.
  • The home office is equipped with leading edge Internet access with speeds that allow for quality voice and/or video conferences with clients.

Physical and Electronic Security

We have taken significant steps to secure our work environment, data, and client information from both physical and electronic threats.

  • Access to the server and development areas is restricted to protect client information.
  • All ingoing and outgoing electronic information is automatically monitored and recorded. Contents, sender and recipient information are all retrievable by management.
  • Removable media access is also monitored in our work locations.

Disaster Recovery

Multiple copies of backups of our entire information system are created regularly. We are prepared for the worst, with redundant backups in disjoint locations. Measures like these are instituted to let us guarantee the security of our clients' private information.

Other company infrastructures include:

  • Immediate Intracompany Communication
  • One-on-one Communication Avenues between Developers and End-Clients
  • Documented Intellectual Property Policies Aimed at Protecting Client Intellectual Interests
  • Worldwide Knowledgebase of Employees, Consultants and Partners