Linux/UnixThese platforms provide a native environment for web and other network applications. Many industry-standard solutions are grown in this environment. Over our years of experience, we have seen time and time again the ability to use a variety of Open Source products that save time and reduce costs. This is why we strive to use them whenever feasible.

Our Linux/Unix Capabilities Include:

  • Linux, Debian and OpenSolaris Services
  • Virtualization technologies (both OS and hardware level)
  • Heterogeneous distributed systems
  • Fault tolerant solutions
  • Enterprise products (Oracle) customization / maintenance / integration
  • X11/Xorg based GUI applications
  • Legacy web technologies (LAMP, with strong expertise in Apache internals)
  • Secure communications (SSL/TSL)
  • Profiling and optimization
  • Kernel development
  • Embedded solutions
  • Java development for UNIX