ERP and CRM Solutions

erp and crm solutionSBSI's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions incorporate all relevant business aspects in order to streamline productivity and create tangible results for our clients. Effective ERP solutions derive their value from their ability to boost productivity, break down department barriers, and illuminate insights for decision-makers and management.

Our ERP solutions allow clients to focus more on making big decisions and less on worrying about system functionality or resource maintenance. These solutions help them better plan business activities by providing a clear view of their resources and systems from any angle. By yielding critical information instantly and electronically, the executive's outlook can be consolidated and streamlined. This allows him or her to make better and faster decisions.

One ERP solution at which we are particularly effective is Customer Relationship Management (CRM). With our CRM solutions, our clients can create more effective relationships with customers and increase the size and frequency of sales. Our CRM strategy rests on two primary efforts: smart and effective customer discovery and smooth and stable sales process automation. In our experience, this strategy is the most promising for supporting client growth.

We offer CRM and ERP solutions because we recognize how essential our partners’ systems and resources are to their viability. This is why we ensure that our teams are fully competent in the latest developments in leading industry technologies, including:

  • PeopleSoft
  • SAP
  • JD Edwards
  • BAAN