Infrastructure Management Services

software development SBSI can provide services aimed at supporting, augmenting or even restructuring electronic business infrastructure. These services are aimed at integration, general improvement, and cost reduction. Specifically, we can increase the security and efficiency of our clients' systems. The end result is that their electronic infrastructures become integrated systems that yield results through capacity, effectiveness and accessibility.

To accomplish this, we offer a growing list of services that can be used in any combination. This includes but is not limited to:

Server Administration:

We can oversee the performance of client servers to ensure fast and secure access for all approved users and no others. We use the most up-to-date security protocols and know how to make server setup and information retrieval user-friendly with intuitive controls.

Network Monitoring:

We offer network monitoring services with full technical support. We work to ensure security, speed, and user-friendliness. To accomplish these, we offer tools to catch network problems and issues before they hurt productivity.

Application Management:

Our application management services help our clients organize their application portfolios. Today's data and application requirements can be very taxing on companies that don't have dedicated technology departments. We have experience in effectively controlling this aspect of our clients' businesses.

Maintenance Cost and Operation Risk Reduction:

We can evaluate client operations while looking for weak points and value-inhibitors. After this, we recommend changes to reduce maintenance costs and/or mitigate risks and liabilities.

Application/Platform Integration:

In today's technology environment, many different business applications and technology platforms are required. Unfortunately, this creates many different (potentially incompatible) protocols and operation requirements. We offer application, program and platform integration services to avoid these headaches. Furthermore, we can be your one-stop tech support partner for these systems.

Network Integration:

With our network integration services, we can set up and manage the integration of our clients' electronic communications, data transfer and network activities. These services are aimed at creating standardized inputs and outputs while increasing format compatibility.

Device and Hardware Management:

We know that up-to-date hardware is a valuable (and costly) resource. That's why we offer device and hardware management services. These services are aimed at the optimization of our clients' business usage of physical technology. In completing these services, we have two goals in mind. The first is to make sure our clients' hardware is performing at optimal speed and efficiency.

The second goal is to minimize our clients' required amount of hardware investment. Once we know the full capabilities of client-owned hardware, we want to also know how much of this hardware is required to maintain current business operations. Successful implementation at this phase can allow for partial liquidation of current hardware assets and the reduction of maintenance costs over the long run. Less actual hardware can also imply lowered probability of system failure and can make recovery a quicker and less expensive endeavor.

User Environment Management/Maximization:

Excessive changes in user/worker electronic environment can stymie productivity and decrease job satisfaction. Our user environment management software can both ensure compliance with corporate policy and technological updates while preserving user/worker preferences. In this way, updates and changes in user workspace need not cause productivity loss.